Myhre, SE, C. Davis, M. Borreggine, R. Moffitt, C. Deutsch. Synthesis of North Pacific oxygen fluctuations during the climate transitions of the last 20,000 yearsMonday, Dec 12th, 15:25-15:40, MW, 2003 (PPTX)

Borreggine, M, SE Myhre, KAS Mislan, CV Davis, C Deutsch. Marine sedimentary coring and high-quality, multi-proxy records in the high-latitude North Pacific: a synthesis of paleoceanographig cruise and research effort, Wednesday AM cryosphere poster session, C31B-0745 (PDF)

Davis, CV, SE Myhre, M Borreggine, B Caissie, S Praetorius, K Katsuki, R Moffitt, C Deutsch. New paleoceanographic synthesis of abrupt sea ice and temperature changes in the Subarctic Pacific and marginal seas through the past 20,000 years. Wednesday AM cryosphere poster session, C31B-0747 (PDF)