I am an ocean and climate scientist with expertise in the marine ecological consequences of abrupt climate warming. I am interested in using past events of global scale warming as informative laboratories to understand modern anthropogenic climate change. As we perturb the global carbon system, major biogeochemical changes are underway in the surface, interior and deep ocean. I am curious and alarmed by the scale of ecological disturbance we face in a warming, changing world. 

Climate and environmental scientists are tasked with providing the analytical and decision-making tools for science-based policy, advocacy and litigation. Climate change was never an abstract threat to human and biological systems, however the immediacy of climate science as an intellectual and decision-making tool has never been more clear. As a society, we need science. We need that science communicated effectively, passionately, and in service to the general public.

In wildness is the preservation of the world.
— Henry David Thoreau