Hear her out. Sarah has more than 100 speaking engagements, columns, blogs, radio and TV appearances and is ready to light a carbon-free fire under any group as to what you need to get with the program of helping stop climate warming – and her way of doing so is very much part of her profile of a strong woman leader.

She listens, insists on diversity, wants you to ask a lot of questions, puts people above profits but is not anti-any-business, sees the personal/professional/political soul of people as inseparable and will tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

Invite her to speak.

Topics range from “Our Suffocating Oceans” to “Communicating Personally and Professionally as a Climate Scientist;” from “Everyone Can – and Should-- Speak about Their Own Science” to “Growing Our Kids to Stop Global Warming.

Ask her to teach

From professional to social organizations, from classrooms to kid summits (even birthdays), Sarah has many interactive classes to engage people whatever the age, interest or education.

Let her train you

To change the world’s snails’ pace at stopping global warming, we will need thousands of people to lead the way in the form of being trainers to ignite the spirit and teach each of us how to be part of the solution. It doesn’t matter what your day job might be, your job of saving the earth is something you can learn and teach others.

Hire her to help your company develop a plan

For climate change to be dealt with successfully, all of us will need to be involved – you, your business, your friends, your colleagues, your adversaries and the people you see but do not know. Dare to step up – and become a leader who can help others as well.

Let her do the research you need completed

Give her a dilemma to help you solve. Though her area of research is paleoclimatology (the history of the sea floor and the oceanography of warming temperatures), her experience as a researcher (a much-published researcher) can help you with your research.

Be your scientific climate change “expert”

So much of what we are to do will rely on how we can live sustainably with a climate we are helping to improve. However, if you are making climate warming worse, you will need help in making the changes to bring you into compliance. Along with her worldwide network of climate scientists, she also is respected by some of the largest research institutes.

Learn how to speak “Science”

One of Sarah’s best skills is her ability to translate complicated scientific information into something simple for people of all ages to understand. Let her help you make your work media-genic for TV, radio, news, online/webs, blogs and any of the information tools people are using.