I am the program coordinator for science education and outreach at Mt Baker Ski Area. In a future of abrupt climate warming, ski area businesses are at the front lines of the economic and cultural losses that are coming down the pipeline. These are not irrelevant parts of the social and economic landscape in the Pacific Northwest - we are talking about real business, real people, and economic consequences for communities and people who recreate in the mountains with their families. Climate scientists in the Pacific Northwest have a role to play in supporting, informing, and advocating for businesses and people on the front lines of climate impacts in our backyard. 

Summary of 2015/2016 Winter Outreach: From climate communication to engagement: The 1.5 Degrees Series at Mt Baker Ski Area

2016/2017 Plans: We are in midst of planning a weekend-long event this winter at Mt. Baker. Stay tuned, good things are coming...